Trying to increase sales in a quiet business is pretty nigh on impossible.

I can step into a business and tell how great it is just by listening.

If I can hear a pin drop then I’m thinking that sales are stagnant and sales staff are struggling to hit targets.

But if I step into a business and I can hear laughter then I think that the people who work here are relaxed, open, confident, and positive.

Laughter is the sound of joy, the sound of positive thinking, and the sound of sales.

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I’m talking about laughter as in an easy joke, a witty aside or a bit of gentle kidding. I’ve seen the best salespeople deliver laughter in spades in a variety of sales situations. These people knew the power of laughter and the effect it can have on a customer. Laughter relaxes us and puts us into a position of more positive thinking. And this positive thinking can easily be used to encourage your customers to make the right decision by your business.

So you might think this is about your sales teams learning a bunch of jokes and firing them at your customers.

But that’s not what I’m talking about at all.

I’m asking that you encourage easy laughter in your employees and ensure they are not script-reading robots. If you can encourage this then you’ll find a positive sales team ready to smash targets left, right and centre.

Because if you find laughter on your sales floor you’ll find laughter in your customers.

And laughter is one of the most powerful ways to surprise and delight customers.

Laughter shows a customer has found a real person. Open, engaging, engaged.

You can read about how I engage your sales team with laughter here. 

When businesses talk about coaching, what they’re talking about is making each salesperson the exact same person. For many companies, there is no room for the individual who deviates from the well-worn script.

What you’ll get with this approach is a customer who finds it hard to differentiate your business from all of the others they do business with.

But get a salesperson who uses laughter in their pitch then you’ll get a customer who remembers your company as the one that did something different. The one that put a smile on their face. The one that made them feel positive.

And a positive customer is a customer who is more likely to buy from your business, a customer who is more loyal to your business, a customer who is more likely to recommend your business.

Your employees must be comfortable on your sales floor. Not worrying that someone is looking over their shoulder, making sure they’re ‘on script’ or looking to “mentor” away from their personal style into a lifeless, joyless clone.

They should be creating laughter with the people in front of them, the ones they are serving. Not between themselves but with the customers.

And the really positive benefit from this approach is that you’ll find your sales team has a lot more energy. Who doesn’t want to come into work and spend the day making sales AND making people laugh? It’s almost impossible to work in an environment where laughter is a common sound and not feel positive and enthused about the day ahead.

You’ll also find that laughter will bring your sales team closer together; they’ll share the common bond that laughter brings to groups.

And a happy sales team means a more productive sales team that means more sales for your business.

Now that’s a powerful and positive benefit for any business.

When people ask me to evaluate a business I can tell just by listening for the laughter. Can you?

Here is a great article on the benefits of bringing laughter into a corporate culture.