No doubt, the terms laughing man and laughter man are not new to you. You have heard about it severally from the Laughing Man Coffee to the Laughing Man film.  Or even watched the viral meme of Spanish actor Juan Joya Borja alias “El Risitas,” or the Laughing Guy.

This meme has featured in many ads and languages across the globe. The effect of laughter is evidenced in this meme. If you ever watched it, you can confirm that you end up laughing.

But the Laughing man coffee commercial ad featuring actor Hugh Jackman transformed the meaning of this term. It shows how a cup of coffee can change one from a grumpy mad to a smiling and laughing hero. But how Keep reading to know more.

Learn the 6 ways Laughter can improve Children's Wellbeing

Why laughing man coffee ad go viral?

Hugh Jackman is an actor and the man behind laughing man coffee. In one of the ads, Jackman (pretends) wakes up in a bad mood. He is feeling bumpy, and everything around him feels annoying. He is mad and feels the world as hell until he gets a cup of coffee that transforms everything.

In the commercial comedy-fashioned ad, Jackman starts by breaking his alarm clock. He proceeds to the kids telling them to shut up. Jackman does not stop there. His adorable dog also gets the wrath of his anger. He tells it to go and walk itself. However, everything becomes better after taking a cup of the “nicest coffee on the earth.”

A smile that turns to a burst of laughter becomes his new experience. He picks up his dog and adores it. The day becomes brighter and happier. Jackman enjoys the Laughing Man coffee that acts as a mood changer – an act that gets him the name laughing man.

Like the laughing man, Pete Cann is dubbed the laughter man. Being a laughter yoga coach, he preaches the gospel on benefits of starting your day with a good laughter.

Why is laughter an excellent way to start your day?

According to Pete Cann the laughter man, laughter should be one of the first items on your to-do list every morning. Starting your day with a peal of laughter will guarantee you a day full of positive vibes and hope. Having a positive mood will help you face the daily hardships and struggles. Here is why morning laughter should be your ritual:

Learn the 6 ways Laughter can improve Children's Wellbeing

It can help you deal with the day to day stressful moments

Stress is a common aspect. You will face different people and challenges that are stressful. With laughter as your day starter, you will gain the best simulators to handle all the stresses that you can face in your day.

Remember, laughter stimulates your body to produce feel-good hormones. So, morning laughter will fill your stress relievers with the right bullets to take you throughout the day.

 You will infect those around you with positive vibes

Happiness and laughter are infectious. When you have a good mood, you will draw people closer and infect them with your happiness. You will be open to ideas and pass the positive vibes to others. So, starting your day with laughter will help you transfer the same mood at the workplace.

The laughter man says laughter increases your productivity

Indeed, happy people are always productive. When you are happy, you have the zeal to interact with your friends and colleagues and share ideas. Also, laughter helps you to stay focused and grounded on your assignment. This spirit enhances your productivity. So, morning laughter can be the best simulator to power up your daily productivity.

Like the laughing man coffee effect on Hugh Jackman, a burst of morning laughter will be all you need to make your day a merry one. Hence, consider making it your ritual.