Nowadays, laughing yoga is more widespread than in older days. Before, only a small percentage of the population recognized the practice. But, with time, things have changed, and more participants are seeking the service. This rise has seen an increase in the need for trainers to handle the laughter yoga groups. Several institutions offer courses that qualify you as a laughter yoga trainer. Laughing yoga training is essential both for you and your clients for various reasons. As much as it’s good and necessary, is the training really for you?


Who should train as a laughter yoga trainer?

Laughing yoga training is not a difficult pursuit. People from different professions do it, e.g., yoga teachers, sports enthusiasts, life coaches, business people, care and social workers, personal trainers, occupational therapists, doctors, nurses, etc. People take up the training for multiple reasons, and there are no restrictions or specific qualifications for the program.

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Laughter yoga training is for you if;

You want to learn new skills

Laughter yoga is a slightly advanced version of traditional yoga. Laughter inclusion has created a whole different ball game lacking in regular yoga. As a laughing yoga leader, you learn to incorporate laughter episodes into the session. Additionally, you gain skills on how to run the class and perform various techniques and poses with your clients. You also gain leadership skills, enhance your communication skills, and build your confidence.

Conducting a yoga class means directly interacting with people from all walks of life. To do this, you must be bold and speak comfortably and effectively. Your confidence influences your communication. And, for participants to come back for subsequent sessions, they must relate to and understand what you are saying.

You want to change careers

Specializing in a particular profession is excellent for most people. Some enjoy their line of work and put all their effort into seeing themselves grow and succeed in the field. However, for some, it’s a different case. You may have started well, but stagnation kicks in after years of doing something similar. At this point, changing careers seems encouraging and the best decision. Also, some people just began in the wrong job and want to do things right by choosing what they desire. The faded interest and monotony limit your growth, so it is wise to try laughing yoga training.

Learn the 6 ways Laughter can improve Children's Wellbeing

You like to help people

This is common with people who enjoy working with others. These people enjoy interacting with others and don’t do well in one-person jobs. These people are often caring and jovial and want the best for others. Taking the laughing courses helps you handle others better, help them relax, and be calm and joyful. Also, If you’d like to volunteer or give back to your community, this training is for you. You can do so by volunteering in yoga centers or laughter clubs. Despite being there for voluntary services, which in most cases is during specific times, you gain adequate knowledge that helps you deal with clients effectively and efficiently.

You want to open a laughter yoga club

As a leader, you can’t open a club and teach participants what you don’t understand. Taking the laughter yoga classes places you in a better position to train others. You know the history of laughter yoga, the philosophy, physiology, and fundamentals. You also learn how to deal with the clients and handle the business till it succeeds.


To sum up

Another reason you need the training is to bring laughter and joy into your life. Other than those mentioned above, there are many reasons why laughter yoga training is for you. Besides helping others, it adds value and positivity to your life. Anyone can take the training considering that yoga is holistic and therapeutic.



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