In 2017, two women – Fennande van der Meulen and Maartje Wolff – started a campaign to promote happiness in the workplace. The campaign generated and became a worldwide week-long celebration. The international happiness in the workplace week is a past-summer holiday whose objective is to recreate happy workplaces.

Being happy is the desire of every human. You want to have a happy life, and this does not exclude the workplace. Unhappy people always give bad results. 

For instance, when there is no happiness at the workplace, your staff will be unwelcoming. No customer can close a deal with a client showing a frown face. Again, you will always cancel your transaction when the customer attendant is rude. 

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When does the celebration happen?

Maybe you want to celebrate happiness week but have no information about it. Well, the happiness week takes place in the last week of September each year. The event goes on for a whole week teaching and encouraging employees to make their workplaces happier. 

However, you have a daily role in promoting happiness in the workplace—no need to wait until this period to activate it. Remember, happy workplaces lead to better results. Your employees will always do their best when the organization environment offers some level of fulfillment.

 So, through the International Happiness in the Workplace Week is in September, you have no limitation of making every week a happy one from January to December.

Some facts about happiness 

As the happiness week nears, it is essential to understand some facts about this aspect. Here are some of them:

Happiness can multiply

Do you know that happiness multiplies? A happy employee or team can result in distributing happiness to the entire organization. Happiness has a multiplication effect. For this reason, if you invest in making one department happy, you can spread happiness to the whole company within a short duration. 

Also, happiness does not end there. Research shows that happy workers are good parents. The happiness spread over to their friends and families. This means that creating a happy workplace can be the beginning of a happy community. So, always focus on cultivating this virtue in your workplace.

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Happy workers support each other

Nothing is more challenging than a dysfunctional organization. You have your colleagues who work separately. No one is willing to take up challenges or get a hand in helping others. All you find are workers with frown faces. 

When you have unhappy staff, collaboration and support will below. Lack of support and cooperation hurts your organizational performance. Also, conflict and demotivation become a norm which in turn hurts your productivity. 

On the other hand, happy workers are always ready to take new initiatives and give a helping hand when needed. Through this support, the employees focus on a common goal leading to better results. 

Stress is minimal in happy workplaces

No doubt, happiness is the best medicine. Happy employees will be stress-free. When the job is fulfilling, people always focus on the positive aspect of it. The same is true about unhappy workplaces. In such a case, you will have a stressed workforce that concentrates on the negative aspects of the work. So, having a happy workplace will build a motivated and healthy workforce. Learn how you can create happiness in your workplace.

Wrapping up

As you can see, happiness is critical. International happiness at the workplace week seeks to create this norm in organizations. However, your organization should not wait for this event to realize this goal. 

Creating happy organizations should be your day-to-day mandate. Hence, as you prepare for the happiness event, develop policies and strategies for making your workplace happier each day.