Laughter yoga has experienced tremendous growth over the years, thus attracting more yoga leaders. The competitive job market can be a massive stab in the back for a new coach. Everyone expects to start teaching after a laughter yoga leader training which isn’t always the case. Experienced coaches or those who’ve been in the industry for more prolonged periods occupy some of the best studios. You have to market yourself well to gain recognition from potential clients. This blog discusses ways of selling yourself as a laughter yoga leader.


Marketing strategies for yoga leaders

Self-promotion is vital even when your studio has existing marketing channels. Take charge of your own marketing whether you have participants or not. It helps retain the current lot or attract first-timers and build your reputation. The following are the marketing tips to use.

Establish your niche

It’s the first step to achieving the ideal marketing strategy. Laughter yoga is vast and involves different groups of people. and exercises. You will work or promote yourself better if you focus on the strong areas rather than taking up everything. Think about the audience you’d like to have or teach and market yourself on that basis.

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Create a website

A functioning and unique website should be every business owner’s goal. The website should revolve around laughter yoga and your position as the leader. You can tell the participants or interested students about it through word of mouth or a link on your business page on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. To attract all kinds of clients, make it professional and easy to navigate, even for the least tech-savvy people. Include all the details the clients would want to know because they’ll click out if they don’t find what they want.

Create powerful content

Good content keeps people camping on your page, profile, or website. Choose a suitable way to communicate or do it in multiple forms, e.g., through videos, photos, blog posts, podcasts, and e-books. Understand the purpose of the content and how it will help others, then plan for it. The use of content is a suitable marketing strategy. So, ensure you remain consistent and give relevant information regularly. Avoid posting things outside your brand which take away your message.

Learn the 6 ways Laughter can improve Children's Wellbeing

Use social media

Social media is currently one of the fastest ways to enhance recognition and build a brand. Social media marketing is an excellent tool for new and established laughter yoga coaches. Open a page on your preferred platform and include ‘laughter yoga’ in the name. Post yoga-related stuff to attract people in the same line of work or those who enjoy and fancy it. Social media has its advantages and drawbacks, but it is definitely worth embracing.  Let’s connect on all social media platforms using the #thelaughterman

Send newsletters

Sending regular newsletters via email keeps you connected with the clients. Everyone who has subscribed to them gets access to essential information like the class schedule and links to valuable content. A website makes this easy since it collects email addresses from anyone visiting it.

Dropping posters or pamphlets

Improved technology has modernized things. Most things are digital, including marketing, but putting up posters or dropping pamphlets in offices, churches, schools, etc., also helps. The strategy captures those who rarely use social media or do things online. It’s hard to forget an event poster you see daily on your way to work. This method can sometimes get you more yoga students than online profiles, mainly if the page is new.

Bottom line

Above are ways to help you develop a marketing strategy. How you promote yourself is up to you but it has a significant influence on your business. Understand your purpose for yoga, plan yourself, then let the world know about you. Applying the above guidelines results in a big laughter yoga brand recognized by many. Just like ‘The Laughter Man’.

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