Team meetings are ordinary in organizations, work setups, or businesses. They are considered necessary to push agendas forward, solve problems, review performance, etc. Despite this, they can be pretty dull, and most attendees wouldn’t attend if they weren’t mandatory. However, some are fun, and the energy and laughter within the space are inviting and essential. Ensuring the team is energized during the meet-up is vital as it has several benefits. One key one is the reduction of boredom which in turn enhances interaction. Also, there’s renewed physical and mental energy among the people, making them appear less stressed, dull, and sluggish. This blog highlights some critical ways of energizing a team meeting below.

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Ways to energize your team meetings

Meetings don’t have to be dull events. As the organizer, you can turn them into effective and energized gatherings that people look forward to attending. Do the following to achieve this.

Have a particular meeting space

Know where the meeting will take place, whether it’s a board room, hall, café, online platforms, etc. Avoid last-minute rushing just when everything is about to start. It’s also off-putting for the team to arrive and find no room or space available. The energy and excitement they had while coming decreases, and there is a sense of time wasted. When the meeting starts, be sure that the attending will be bored and dull rather than lively. A place chosen and set before the meet-up boosts people’s energy and experience.

Pick a crazy location for the team meetings

Having a gathering space prior to the set date is vital, but knowing the kind that best suits the team is excellent. Also, even if you had a previous space set up, say indoors, you can move to a more fun area if the atmosphere seems boring. A ‘crazy location’ adds an element of fun, unlike being behind closed doors in a board room or conference room. These rooms are pretty formal; hence individuals seem uptight or rigid. A change of venue can drastically enhance the team’s energy, productivity, and creativity.

Learn the 6 ways Laughter can improve Children's Wellbeing

Incorporate fun activities

Just because it’s a team meeting doesn’t mean you have to discuss the plan from start to finish. Breaks are necessary, especially if the gathering lasts several hours. During these breaks, it’s advisable to include activities like icebreakers and other games that prompt interaction and laughter amongst the team. Icebreakers are great for knowing how everyone is doing before the session begins, but you can use them at any point to energize the group. Group games give a relaxed and fun mood, especially in morning meetings that are otherwise seen as serious or dull.

Have an expiration time

Most meetings go on continuously for whatever period the organizer has set. To some extent, it’s a good idea since it helps push through and get things done. However, most people tend to check out as early as the one-hour mark. Having an expiration time means the meeting doesn’t go past an hour without having a break. The break can last 10 to 15 minutes, during which individuals can walk around, stretch, drink water, etc. In doing so, they stay energized mentally and physically and ready to proceed with the meeting.

Create an interactive session during the team meetings

A meeting that requires the team to discuss or interact with each other discourages boredom or sluggishness. It’s also lively; time seems to move faster since everyone is involved. But, when the meeting leader is the only one speaking, some people switch off and even sleep.

Final words

Energizing any team meeting is crucial, and above are the ways to do so. Individuals don’t have to dread attending these sessions because of how dull they are. They can be lively, fun, and effective despite the agenda. Getting a suitable space or changing location to a more fun place, taking breaks, incorporating games, and making the meeting interactive greatly enhance the team’s energy. Applying these tips makes the meeting something to look forward to rather than avoid.



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