Participating in a laughter session may sound awkward for some people. However, most of them enjoy yoga practice and laughing separately. So how about combining the two activities? Sounds ideal, right. Both have multiple benefits, but how long can you keep it together while in a room with strangers? Laughter yoga is mainly designed to transfer positive energy. You choose to laugh voluntarily while incorporating breathing exercises and clapping. A laughter leader is in charge of the laughter session and guides you through each training. So after you decide to take on a laughter yoga class, how long will you sit through it?

Learn the 6 ways Laughter can improve Children's Wellbeing


The laughter yoga class

A typical workout class would last 30 to 60 minutes or slightly longer. Similarly, a laughter session goes for the same duration. The classes vary based on the techniques and performance level of the participants. Most beginner classes go for 30 to 45 minutes. Yoga itself isn’t the easiest of exercises. Your body must get used to the poses and stretches to be comfortable. Alternatively, the instructor may lengthen the class but make the workout manageable and straightforward for the novice group.

But how do I laugh for an hour straight? You may ask. This is the confusion that lingers with most people unfamiliar with laughter yoga. During that time frame, a lot goes on. Actual laughter comes in as one of the steps within the workout.

Steps of a laughter yoga session

Are you wondering how you can practice laughter yoga? Here are a few steps.

The steps a laughing coach incorporates highly determine the class duration. Different sessions have varying stages, but some are similar for all. So, let’s see what happens within the 30 to 1-hour time frame.

Step 1:  Welcoming stage

It is a standard step for every laughing yoga class. The laughter teacher welcomes every participant and does a brief introduction of the class. It is necessary in case there is a new member in their midst. Also, they outline essential reminders for a joyful and safe session. The participants may also introduce themselves for familiarity reasons.

Step 2: Warmup

This crucial stage seeks to relax the muscles and reduce injuries. Warmup exercises include simple body movements and stretches. Clapping is also introduced at this level, where the palms and fingers must be in contact to stimulate acupressure. The instructor provides a rhythm to follow for synchronism.

Learn the 6 ways Laughter can improve Children's Wellbeing

Step 3: Chanting and breathing exercises

Traditional yoga is usually tranquil, unlike laughter yoga. The leader adds laughing sounds between the clapping. They help transition into actual laughter since others find it hard to laugh from nowhere. Deep breathing is a huge part of the session, and the exhalation usually lasts longer than inhalation. It’s done in between other activities for both mental and physical relaxation.

Step 4: The playful stage

Childish play is encouraged through chanting, various joyous phrases, and movements. There are no particular phrases to use in a session. The instructor can be creative or choose to mix up the chants. All these are done to laugh and create an easy atmosphere.

Step 5: Laughter exercise and meditation

Despite having few episodes of laughter throughout the class, this is where actual laughter comes in. This stage carries the bulk of the laughter session. Different laughter exercises exist, which the leader uses as he pleases. Each bout of laughter lasts 45-60 seconds before deep breathing. Laughter meditation comes after laughing exercises. Here, the participants laugh freely and longer. Meditation also helps transition to body cooling as the class is about to end.


Within the estimated one-hour period, you’ll have completed the laughing session, which includes the above steps. Despite having several activities, laughing exercises and meditation take the most time. The session seems to elapse pretty first, but the laughter benefits linger. Note that there is no exact timing for a session. Some are longer than others, and  It depends on the leader and participants.

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