How good is laughter yoga training online?

Over the years, laughter yoga has become a popular career. Many fitness enthusiasts have taken this path, and many more are still training. Taking yoga training classes is important to understand the exercise better, its history, asanas, and other lessons. You acquire an array of skills for personal development and to help you share the experience with others.

You can access laughter yoga training online or through physical classes. The growth of online courses has risen to levels higher than that of offline, making it easier for people to pursue. Considering the immense growth, does it mean online training is a good option? Find out below.


Laughter yoga online training VS in-person training

It’s one thing to desire to become a yoga teacher. But it’s another to decide whether to take the classes online or offline. Picking the best choice is quite challenging. However, there are many similarities between both forms of training. Anyone taking the laughter yoga training online learns just as much as one in a physical location. So what are the similarities between them?

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Comparison between laughter yoga online training and in-person training

Career trajectory

The goal for both sessions is to develop teachers with the ability to coach laughter yoga. Whether you want to improve your confidence, develop or improve your skills, learn new poses, etc., the online and physical classes will offer just that. Both trainings provide certification upon completion, recognized by the Yoga Alliance or federation.

Once registered, you can also take the online route, attracting more clients. In these busy times, participants can work out from the comfort of their homes, following their schedule. Whichever way you choose, the career path is similar.

Study curriculum

What you learn online is precisely what you’ll know in person. All yoga leaders use one curriculum. So, the information you get is similar despite the location. The programs and course materials have similar content. You may encounter variations here and there, but it doesn’t take away from the context. If you are in a fix, pick your best online training site and compare it with the physical school website of your choice. If what’s listed matches your needs, you’re good to go.

Time commitment

Both forms of training need you to spare time for them. Yoga training courses have varying durations of a month to a year. You will make time for the classes themselves and contact sessions with the teacher or homework. When it comes to the actual training minus the transportation, both online and offline courses need equal levels of time commitment

Learn the 6 ways Laughter can improve Children's Wellbeing

Yoga poses and styles

Yoga has over 100 poses and techniques. When you think of laughter yoga, think of all the styles and meditation techniques you’d like to know. Different courses focus on different yoga practices. The practices taught in online classes are taught in in-person classes as long as the system is the same.

Physical and mental well-being

Generally, laughter yoga is beneficial to your body. It places you in a better place mentally, physically, and emotionally. Both the laughter yoga online training and the offline version offer these benefits. The physical movements involved in each play a role in your well-being.

Laughter yoga community

Attending in-person training is not the only way to form a community. Anyone enrolled in the virtual session becomes family as you learn and share from each other. You build friendships and create bonds in the process.


With the similarities above, it’s clear that laughter yoga training online is as good as in-person. It has similar goals, course materials, and yoga styles. You will receive certification from the Yoga Alliance after the online training. In addition, you will form a yoga club from your online class group to support each other, even after the training.

I hope to laugh with you soon.