When you watch some people laughing, you will likely laugh too. You might not know the reason for their laughter, but they infect you with it. Most of the time, you laugh when you notice something funny or humorous. But you can laugh without any of such thing. How is that even possible? How can laughter yoga benefit your life and is it necessary?

That is the idea behind laughter yoga. Probably it is not your first time to hear this term. This type of yoga has been in practice for some years now. Also, might have heard colleagues saying they are attending laughter therapy. 

To you, the idea sounds funny. You wonder how laughter can benefit your life. Laughter yoga can help your life in different ways. Here are some of them:

Learn the 6 ways Laughter can improve Children's Wellbeing

How Laughter can Benefit your Life by Boosting your  Immune System

Your immune system is the maintainer of your well-being. You cannot be healthy when your immune system is weak. Stress, anxiety, and low moments increase the production of negative hormones that hurt your immunity. This makes it hard for your body to deal with various ailments such as allergies, infections, and cancers.

However, laughter yoga can be the only thing you need to strengthen your immunity. Laughter not only induces the production of the feel-good hormones but also boosts your immune system. 

Research indicates that laughing leads to the production of white blood cells that help in fighting disease-causing viruses. Your body will have an increase in the number of the natural killer, which will offer effective defense against diseases. So, laughter is a good thing for your immunity. 

Laughter Yoga Helps in Handling Respiratory Conditions

Do you have a respiratory issue? Attending a laughter yoga session can make a difference in your life. Laughter exercises your lungs and increases their capacity. This aspect increases the level of oxygen flowing in your blood. 

Essentially, the laughter exercise is beneficial to people with bronchitis or asthma. It acts as part of chest therapy that helps to remove mucus in the respiratory tract. Asthmatic people who are part of yogic laughter clubs witness a reduction in asthma attacks. 

Also, laughter leads to an increase in the antibody levels in your respiratory mucus membrane. This aspect reduces the possibility of chest infections. Hence, it will enhance your respiratory system while maintaining its health. 

Learn the 6 ways Laughter can improve Children's Wellbeing

Enhance your Cardiac Health

Laughter is a powerful medicine for your heart. When you laugh, you enhance the relaxation and contraction of your heart. This aspect exercises your heart and keeps it healthy. Notably, laughter increases blood and oxygen circulation, which saves you from clotting and heart diseases. 

 Also, laughter works as a stress reliever reducing the production of harmful hormones. Stress hormones are the cause of high blood sugars and pressure. So, laughter can reduce the need for hospitalization among people struggling with high blood pressure conditions.

Laughter Yoga Boost your Stamina

Are you feeling low and demotivated? The secret to making your day amazing is taking part in a laughter yoga session. Laughter expands the capacity of your lungs. As you know, the lungs are the powerhouse of your body, particularly during competitive events. 

A good laughter session before a sporting activity can increase your stamina. The act increases your lung capacity leading to enhanced relaxation. This way, you are likely to have a better performance than your colleagues due to enhanced stamina.  

Wrapping Up

As you can see, a laughter yoga session comes with considerable benefits in your life. It will boost your health, performance and keep you away from preventable ailments. So, if you can find a laughter club in your hood, you can consider joining it and enjoy the potential benefits.   Also, you can check out this blog post. It will guide you on how to do laughter yoga.