Laughter yoga is no longer a myth. Since its introduction in 1995, many people across the globe have embraced it. The realization of the benefits of laughter whether genuine or fake is turning people to this new type of yoga.

With the pandemic hitting the world, physical laughter yoga became impossible. The lockdowns and restriction of movement hindered people from meeting for a laughter session. But like other aspects in the corporate world, this exercise moved to the virtual space.

The Zoom laughter yoga sessions became the new norm. Here people meet virtually through Zoom for a 15-20 minutes laughter session. The session involves a laughter yoga coach and participants from across the globe.

But does a Zoom laughter yoga work? Yes, it does. Here are reasons why:

Learn the 6 ways Laughter can improve Children's Wellbeing

Laughter is contagious

Laughter has similar elements to an infectious disease. When you see people laughing, you are going to laugh even without the knowledge behind the laughter.

Laughter works similarly in every human brain. This aspect applies in the Zoom laughter yoga sessions. The participants take part in activities that stimulate laughter. When one breaks into laughter, all participants will get the infection and burst into a burst of loud laughter. So, everyone will enjoy deep laughter regardless of their location and environment.

Creates a social session

The Zoom laughter sessions bring people from varying backgrounds together. The session can have participants from America, Africa, Asia, Europe, and other continents.

In essence, a single session can have over 100 participants. This creates a social group featuring people with different traits. The social connection develops room for humor and funny acts that stimulate laughter.

For instance, a participant can join while in the kitchen. Some can take part in the session wearing funny attires. Also, some participants will show gestures that will lead to laughter.

All these aspects are an add-on to the normal activities of a laughter yoga session. You’ll not leave the session without laughing. As such, the Zoom laughter yoga session always achieves its objective.

Learn the 6 ways Laughter can improve Children's Wellbeing

Instills the production of feel-good hormones

Laughter has many benefits. It helps you relieve stress, anxiety, and enhance healing. All the benefits sprouts from the feel-good hormones such as endorphins. When you participate in Zoom laughter yoga, the activities involve instilling the production of these hormones.

The laughter is a forced one since you laugh despite there being nothing funny or humor.  However, the brain does not distinguish between fake and genuine laughter. It will reach the same way to both.

Hence, after the 15 or 20 minutes of a Zoom laughter yoga session, you will have the same gains of genuine laughter and you’re level of your feel-good hormones will spike. 

It has a real-like laughter yoga session environment 

Though being virtual, these sessions feel real. You interact and participate in laughter yoga activities with real people and in real-time. This brings different characters that make the session lively and fun.

Having people do the activities break the boredom of going it alone. Also, you will have a reason to make you laugh away from the normal yoga activities. The sessions create an environment that you would encounter in a physical laughter yoga club.

So, participating in the Zoom laughter yoga sessions will be no different from attending a laughter yoga club in your area. Here is a laughter club you can consider joining.

Wrapping up

In a word, laughter is contagious. You will laugh when you find or see people laughing. Whether this happens physically or virtually, the results will be the same. This concept is the power behind Zoom laughter yoga. The virtual laughter yoga sessions will have the same impact as physical ones.