Laughter yoga is a rapidly growing practice worldwide. More and more people have embraced its existence and the benefits it brings. Unlike traditional yoga, the mix of laughter creates a sense of community and feelings of joy for the participants. Its new approach to relaxation means more interested participants hence more trainers are needed. Laughter yoga training is necessary for anyone looking to interact more with people or set out on a new career path.

A breakdown of the laughter yoga training levels

The yoga training isn’t a one-day affair. Some trainers are more experienced than others in terms of skills and techniques gained. Laughter yoga classes for teachers teach you the ins and outs of the practice, its history, skills to apply it, setting up a laughing yoga business, and effective ways of managing it. In addition, you understand how to deal with clients and uplift their mood, which is the most important.

The level of training you have determines the kind of class you’ll coach. With basic knowledge, you can only handle beginner classes. More advanced courses have complex poses that may be out of your league. Thus, a safety concern for the participants. You can take the training from a physical institution or access the courses online. Whichever the case, the curriculum presented is similar. However, the difference might be in the communal feel the in-person training brings.

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At the end of each laughter yoga training level, you are given a certificate as proof of completion and a tool for job seeking. Also, completing each course level allows you to register with the yoga federation as a laughter yoga teacher. From basic to advanced, the levels are;

200-hour training level

It’s the most basic laughter yoga training level. It takes a minimum of 200 hours to complete the course. Some training institutions offer this level for a one-month period, while others do it within an extended period. You learn how to structure your sessions and conduct them effectively within this duration. In the introductory course, you learn the philosophy, anatomy, physiology, and fundamentals of yoga. After intense training, you are awarded a certificate recognized by organizations like the International Yoga Alliance

300-hour training level

It’s the next level you take only after successfully completing the first. It’s a continuation of the 200-hour course, so you can’t miss the first. However, you don’t have to take this level immediately. You can advance with time Like the beginner course; its name originates from the number of hours the training takes. The 300 hours of intense learning digs into the depth of whatever was taught at the primary level. This means a deeper understanding of yoga philosophy, anatomy, physiology, and its fundamentals. Besides this, the skills, techniques, and poses are more advanced and complex. On completion, you get the registered yoga teacher level 300 certification. This document places you in a better position regarding getting a job or getting advanced classes to train.

Learn the 6 ways Laughter can improve Children's Wellbeing

500-hour training level

It’s the most advanced level you can train for. The learning at this level is extensive as it covers more yoga areas than the previous ones. Some new regions you cover include meditation which is a significant part of yoga. In addition, the 500-hour level perfects your skill, ensuring you can lead a class of your own. You understand the clients better despite their ages and handle each as per their performance. This level also comes with the registered yoga teacher 500 level certificate, which is the highest.

Final words

It’s important to go through all laughter yoga levels for competency in practice. However, you don’t have to do them simultaneously but progress slowly. You can access this training in yoga institutions or through online platforms. The beauty of completing each training is the certification to boost your career. and be in a better position to deal with clients.


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