Someone once said, ‘He who laughs last, thinks slowest’.

I think this quotation really sums up thinking around laughter and the workplace.

I want you to think about those days, and we all have them, where your workplace is dull, dreadful and devoid of laughter.

Now ask yourself how happy and productive you were during those days. I’m betting the answer to both is ‘not much’.

Laughter can make those difficult days, where we just have to grind through the work to meet various deadlines, a lot more manageable. It can turn those awful days into productive and positive days where the work gets finished and everyone has a smile on their face.

Laughter, and the power of positive thinking it gives us, is a powerful tool that can help your business become a lot more productive.

So I’ve come up with seven reasons as to how laughter can benefit your business.

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  1. Laughter lightens your load.

Workplace stress is only as bad as you allow it to become. That said, look for the amusing, funny, or interesting parts of your day for a much-needed laugh that will help you lighten your load: the lower-level manager who acts as if they are royalty; that awkward moment when a customer confessed something super inappropriate to you while you could do nothing but stare in horror; those ridiculous office pranks your co-worker plays on the rest of the crew. It’s about looking for those moment of humour and allowing ourselves to laugh at them.

  1. Laughter fosters a positive work environment.

A team that can laugh together will grow together. Laughter in a group means people are comfortable in each other’s company. In sharing a laugh you’re sharing a common experience that tells everyone, ‘we’re all in this together’. And a team that can laugh together is a team that pulls together when they need to. Laughter will make your team more positive, more productive amd more successful.

  1. Laughter draws people together.

A smiling face is a lot more approachable than a face folded into a scowl. Our subconscious sees a smiling, happy face and equates it with kindness. That’s why we always smile at babies; because they’re so small we want them to feel safe and not scared.

It’s really difficult to remain stressed and caught up in the latest work-related drama when the person next to you has a big smile plastered across their face. When we laugh we forget about our problems, even if it’s just for a moment. These small moments often make the day a lot more bearable.. 

  1. Laughter helps you re-charge.

Do me a favour and smile right now. Feel silly? Too bad. Just do it!

Now: didn’t that make you feel a little better about whatever stressful thought is living inside your head? 

Smile even when you don’t feel like it. Remaining in a perpetual state of upset over your problems will not make them go away, it will just make the negative thoughts worse. Smiling, however, will give you a much-needed breather from negativity and a good flash of positivity.  The power of positive thinking that a smile or laughter gives you, will help you find a way through your problems; after a good laugh, nothing quite feels as bad as it once did.

  1. Laughter cuts through tension.

The stress response is a nasty state to find yourself in. Rushed breathing, sweaty palms, overwhelming inner-chatter, and an inability to think are some of the reactions you can look forward to when stress takes over. But it doesn’t have to be this way! A quick bout of laughter will stimulate your circulation and relax your muscles, reducing the stress symptoms and improving your ability to focus. Sometimes just a short break, where your mind is not on the problem, can really help you see the wood for the tress

  1. Laughter boosts creativity.

Laughter is like creativity-juice for your brain. Being able to laugh at work frees you from stress and anxiety, two things that will drain your creativity faster than you can say “bruhaha.” Free from a fear of being criticized or judged, you’ll be more likely to think of creative solutions that are innovative. Laughter is particularly useful with group brainstorming sessions. Laughter is a great shared experience that can quickly bond groups in a positive thinking environment.

  1. Laughter makes people happy to work.

Let’s face it: if we don’t like being at work, we’re just not going to do an amazing job. It’s hard to be interested in work that leaves us feeling apathetic, drained, or depressed. But if we work at a place where smiles and laughter are the norm, we’ll be more than happy to apply ourselves because we feel good while we’re there. A positive workplace will lead to positive thinking, will lead to positive productivity!

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