Silent Laughter at my Bristol Laughter Yoga Club


Remember the days when you were at school, laughing uncontrollably with your friends.


When all of a sudden the teacher came into the room, or looked around at you Laughing, asking you to be quiet.
But you couldn’t stop, you were in a state of uncontrollable Laughter.
Why couldn’t you stop? You know you shouldn’t be laughing, however, the giggles still kept bubbling inside, to a raucous snort, or grunt.
This quickly set off your friend, and then the tears start streaming down your cheeks, quashed sniggers, squeezing themselves out of your body.
Last night at my Bristol Laughter Yoga Club, I did an exercise that many of the gigglers commented on being really good.
Its called Schhhh Laughter, or Silent Laughter and is performed by laughing towards a friend quietly, not letting out any sound. If you let out a little snigger or any noise your friend says Schhhh to your face, which in turn can bring on more laughter.
So you can quickly end up in a spiral of laugher, which is absolutely beautiful.