Laughter is the best medicine is a famous phrase. Even the Bible talks of laughter healing the bones. In essence, there is a massive campaign encouraging people to laugh each day. The birth of laughter yoga, which involves a laughing exercise, plays a central role in creating a laughter culture.

This type of yoga helps people laugh without any funny incident or sharing of humor. No doubt, a burst of laughter makes you feel good and improve your mood. But can laughter be the best medicine? The right answer to this question is yes. Laughter works as the best medicine in many ways. Here are some of them:

Learn the 6 ways Laughter can improve Children's Wellbeing

Improve oxygen circulation in the body

Laughter boosts oxygen circulation in your body. When you laugh, your lung muscles and blood vessels expand. This creates an opportunity for oxygen intake and circulation of the same in your body.

Also, hearty laughter help in cleansing your lungs. During deep laughter, you release more oxygen than you intake. This way, you get a cleaning effect that allows better circulation of oxygenated blood in your body while saving you from respiratory diseases.  

Laughter is a medicine that acts as powerful stress antidote

With life getting tougher every day, stress is now the norm. Stress affects your well-being and productivity. In essence, it hurts your immune system. When stressed, your body releases cortisol, a hormone that suppresses your immunity. 

Laughter works as the best stress antidote that improves your mood. When you laugh, le level of endorphins and other feel-good hormones increase. This aspect counters the stress-causing hormone.

Also, it relaxes your body muscles and change your feeling. Laughter acts as a short vacation. It creates small heaven by taking you out of the normal life. This way, you shut off the production of the stress hormones. Handling stress saves you from blood pressure and diabetes issues. So, you enjoy a better life and enhance your wellbeing.

It prevents some cancer, heart diseases, and dementia

One common factor of cancer, dementia, and heart disease is inflammation. The cause of this problem is a suppressed immune system. With poor immunity, your body cannot handle it differently. Laughter helps in reducing your prevalence of these ailments.

As noted, cortisol is the primary immune suppresser. So, it puts you at the risk of the above condition. You can handle the issue by increasing endorphins with a burst of laughter. Hence, it saves you from becoming a victim.     

Learn the 6 ways Laughter can improve Children's Wellbeing

 Acts as a natural pain reliever

Laughter is a powerful natural pain reliever. Medical practitioners encourage patients to laugh to ease their pain. Laughter acts as a distractor. It moves patients from their situation to a paradise, enabling them to take back control of their situation.

Laughter creates a temporary state of wellness which help you to relieve pain. Also, it allows the release of strains and tensions in your body muscles. This way, you enjoy a natural pain-relieving experience.

Enhance life longevity   

Do you want to live longer? No doubt, everyone dreams of clocking a hundred and more years. People would wish to live forever if there could be a way to make that possible. Though you cannot live for a thousand and one years, you can save yourself from premature death.

The secret is making laughter your daily ritual. Laughter helps you to keep deadly conditions and issues under control. It enables you to battle life-threatening diseases such as cancers and hypertension. Hence, embracing laughter will add some days or years to your life. We even have a list of why you should laugh daily.

In a word, if you are wondering can laughter be the best medicine, you now understand why this is true. Laughter works as the best antidote in handling various health issues and maintaining your wellbeing. So, make laughter your norm.

In the beginning, you can find it difficult to laugh alone. Feel free to join a laughter club near you or consider Zoom laughter.