Your 5 Day Laughter Challenge

Can laughter really enhance your life?

Try this 5 day challenge and see the difference in your body and mind.

Set yourself a creative goal to achieve this week, and use laughter to complete it.

Each day you will receive an email with a short laughter video to follow, putting your mind into a higher state and giving yourself a lift for the day.

The best time to follow the challenge is first thing in the morning, I am sure you can factor in 5 minutes into your daily routine.

Complete the form to join this 5-day laughter challenge and feel the difference.

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“When I laugh, I feel energised and alive, ready to take on the day”

Pete Cann

I was sat on the fence about Laughter Yoga at the start, I did not want to do it, but i’m really GLAD that I DID. It was Really Fun.

Tommy Cunningham

It was so nice to see all of the team’s gell together, getting all of the departments to connect with each other from a good old Belly Laugh.

Sunny Sandwell

Fun at Work

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