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Laughter Yoga for Teams

Bringing a laughter lift into your work environment can bring amazing results to your staff well-being and your bottom line.

Creating an environment where laughter is celebrated and viewed positively will create a place of enjoyment. It’s this enjoyment that will create a more productive, more efficient team spirit where everybody will pull together and feel more engaged with the business.

Laughter can help your employees become better at their jobs because people feel more motivated in a laughter rich environment. Sharing laughter in the workplace will bring your teams closer together and get them thinking more creatively. This is the power that a laughter lift can bring to your business.

Whether it’s online or in-person, a Laughter Yoga session is a great well-being workout for you and your team.

Laughter yoga for Teams
​​Our session with Pete was the perfect energiser on a Monday morning. The team loved it and it really helped to set a fun and positive tone for the week ahead. It was so nice to see colleagues smiling and passing on the infectious laugh! Thanks again Pete
Francesca Wellesley-Wood


We’ve had a few sessions with Pete now and each time we come away saying how amazing they are. Brilliant way to start/end a working day – would highly recommend for virtual team activity!
Hannah Shariatmadari


Amazing session! Booked Pete for a team building activity over Zoom and everyone loved it! It was great fun and left you feeling happy and relaxed. Thanks Pete!
Katy Dyer

Motivational Speaker

Laughter Yoga from stage
Looking for a unique motivational speaker for your next event?

A speaker who people will remember; a speaker who will have people on their feet and laughing; a speaker who will deliver your message in the most fun and engaging way possible?
As an award winning business owner I’ve embraced the power of motivational speaking to bring sustained success to my life.
My quirky and engaging approach to motivation through laughter and positivity will bring a buzz to your event and leave your audience invigorated with new ideas.

The Energiser is a great way to lift your event, and bring the energy back to your delegates.

Pete went over and above on this! Yes, he shared how he does it – but he also got everyone engaged, inspired, buzzing & laughing! I know that I will certainly be booking Pete again & I strongly recommend that you do too!
Nick Elston

He literally had our SSF UK members LAUGHING OUT LOUD. I would highly recommend Pete and would love to work with him again face to face which we hope to get back to next year.
Lynsey Oakes


The laughing yoga was a brilliant session for a bit of an energizer after lunch, but also let the participants know about some tips and techniques to ensure that they look after their own wellbeing on going.
Nick White


Laughter Yoga Training

When was the last time you gave yourself a day of wellness, permission to let loose and spend some quality time on your own wellbeing?

When was the last time you had a good laugh? I’m talking about a laugh where your jaw ached from grinning so much, your stomach felt like you’d pulled a thousand crunches and tears were streaming down your face and, just for that moment you didn’t have a care in the world…

The huge health and well-being benefits of laughter are within each one of us but sometimes we need a little help to find it. Laughter is the simplest, the most joyful expression of life affirming passion that each one of us has the ability to unleash upon the world.

Join one of our Laughter Yoga Training days and learn how to unlock the secret powers of laughter.

Laughter yoga training
I think it’s something everyone should try and Pete really was made to do this for a living!
Alexandra Rogers

It’s been fantastic, I learnt so many new laughter techniques and how to introduce it to my everyday life. I feel so much better today, and it’s given me the lift I needed.
Tom Bailey

Thank you for an excellent session, I gained insight for myself and learned some valuable exercises to help not take life too seriously.
Emily Wright

Watch The Laughter Man in Action – Seeing is believing

Some of our happy customers.

Such a great and positive experience. We asked Pete to host a couple of corporate sessions and had amazing feedback internally. Everybody felt energized, positively charged and had a great time. Thanks a lot
Lukas Pukaj


Highly recommend Pete’s virtual laughter sessions for team-building.  This is great for people working remotely or across multiple locations.
Charlotte Caulfield


Pete’s story, his passion and laughter is indeed infectious and I would highly recommend The Laughter Man for any group of people. Team meeting, corporate day, sports team, group of friends
Neil Rogers

CEO Digital NRG

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