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On a mission to bring laughter to a million people in 2021!


On a mission to bring laughter to a million people in 2021.


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Laughing Man vs The Laughter Man

Laughing man vs. The Laughter Man

No doubt, the terms laughing man and laughter man are not new to you. You have heard about it severally from the Laughing Man Coffee to the Laughing Man film.  Or even watched the viral meme of...
Smiling and Laughing

What Are The Benefits Of Smiling And Laughing?

Smiling and laughing are common practices in kids. As one becomes of age, they lose this behavior. It is common to find children jumping up and down with smiles and laughter while the parents watch...
Why Is Laughter The Best Medicine

Why is Laughter is the Best Medicine?

Laughter is a powerful tool that creates social connections. But, this is not the only function. Good laughter has many medical, social, and physical benefits. It is essential to incorporate some...
Why Is Laughter Yoga Necessary in This Time?

Why Is Laughter Yoga Necessary in This Time?

Being healthy is a priority of everyone. All humans seek to have a happy and healthy life. However, only a small percentage of the population achieves this objective. Working out and exercising...
Is Laughter Yoga Good For You

Is Laughter Yoga Good For You?

Certainly, life has become busy. Everyone is having a tight daily schedule that makes it hard to find some social time for jokes and humor. Probably, you can’t remember when you last to enjoy hearty...
How can Laughter yoga benefit my life_

How Can Laughter Yoga Benefit your Life?

When you watch some people laughing, you will likely laugh too. You might not know the reason for their laughter, but they infect you with it. Most of the time, you laugh when you notice something...

Laughter Yoga Facilitator

When was the last time you had a really good laugh? I’m talking about a laugh where your jaw ached from grinning so much, your stomach felt like you’d pulled a thousand crunches and tears were streaming down your face and, just for that moment you didn’t have a care in the world…

Can you remember just how fantastic a good laugh feels? If someone could bottle that laughter lift feeling the world would be a happier and healthier place, right? Well, guess what, Laughter Yoga can give you all of these feelings,each and every time you practice it.

My name’s Pete Cann but my laughter yoga friends know me as Pete Cann the Laughter Man. A couple of years ago I discovered the health, happiness and wealth benefits that laughter can bring and now I’ve made it my life mission to bring laughter to the whole wide world.

Motivational Speaking

Looking for a unique motivational speaker for your next event? A speaker who people will remember; a speaker who will have people on their feet and laughing; a speaker who will deliver your message in the most fun and engaging way possible?

As an award winning business owner I’ve embraced the power of motivational speaking to bring sustained success to my life. My quirky and engaging approach to motivation through laughter and positivity will bring a buzz to your event and leave your audience invigorated with new ideas.

Download your 3 minute video exercise here, and release the power of laughter into your life

Laughter in your workplace

Bringing a laughter lift into your work environment can bring amazing results to your staff well-being and your bottom line.

Creating an environment where laughter is celebrated and viewed positively will create a place of enjoyment. It’s this enjoyment that will create a more productive, more efficient team spirit where everybody will pull together and feel more engaged with the business.

Laughter can help your employees become better at their jobs because people feel more motivated in a laughter rich environment. Sharing laughter in the workplace will bring your teams closer together and get them thinking more creatively. This is the power that a laughter lift can bring to your business.

Laughter is within us all

The huge health and well-being benefits of laughter are within each and every one of us but sometimes we need a little help to find it. Laughter is the most simple, the most joyful expression of life affirming passion that each and every one of us has the ability to unleash upon the world. Laughter has the ability to heal ourselves and those around us. Laughter is hope, laughter is love and laughter can be found anywhere. All we need are the keys to unlock the power that laughter will bring to our life.

Laugh and the world really does laugh with you. 

Its good to laugh

Laughter Yoga can help you in your daily life in various ways.  Laughter Yoga UK can help you to connect with others from all over the world.

What our clients say about us …

Pete has a gift. His passion can be seen and heard from the moment you meet him. His energy tells you he has found his calling, his purpose and his laughter yoga session will leave you feeling uplifted, happy, energised and feeling awesome.

Steve Ody


I recommend Pete’s Laughter sessions to everyone organising a (virtual) event and for those not organising, to attend your session! It will loosen the atmosphere, increase engagement of the participants and make them feel better. It is great for team building as well.

Suzanne De-exter

Virtual Assistant